Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Are Humans an adoption of the Nature?

When a calf, cub or a kitten is born, it is a stranger to the world. But not to the nature. 

No matter,  whether a kitten or puppy born on a cosy mattress of a British home, coarse rug of a middle class house in  a tropical country,  inside a rusty pipe end on a busy street of Africa; or a cub born in an  abandoned  shed or  jungle near Amazon; from the moment they are out in this world their naked bodies slowly welcome the nature without much hassle,  be  it   winter, spring, summer or autumn. 

As we know this is very much unlike   humans. 
Man can win up to   the cosmos  even further up to stars  and cosmic elements someday  wearing a hard cover around. However he only can win a   very restricted area on this earth without an outer cover.
 Why the nature treats human and fauna in two different ways?